There had to be an answer somewhere—there always was. They wouldn’t give me a problem without a solution, would they? Could they, even if they wanted to? Even Fermat’s been solved—everything has.

neuronnetwrkThen again, maybe this is part of the problem in itself: the idea that every question requires an answer. What a different world it might be if some things were left open, unquantified, elusive, awesome…

But that’s not this world, to be sure. Multilayered complex problems require equally robust solutions, which tend to create further complications, requiring more solution-oriented processes, and so on.

I remember once reading something about how cultures generally define for themselves a range of ailments consistent with their level of knowledge and medicine; beyond this realm lies the unnamed. Continue Reading

Places where one lingers indefinitely, stretched beyond recognition, indelibly impermanent, an eternal demise.

black holeThis is where the journey begins, at the end. The only thing left to discover is the precise time of dismissal/arrival.

Forever looking back upon what was and from whence we came, while plunging headlong toward what will be…

Welcome to speculative interventions from the edge of the many event horizons populating inner and outer space.

Lemar Starland, Terra

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