The legend of Queen Arthur … and her nights at the Round Table

Sally Arthur — a 30-something single mother of three, server at a local restaurant, and artist in her spare time — could sling hash like nobody’s business. Not that she literally slung hash (which to her sounded like a euphemism for drug dealing), but she certainly had a knack for bringing the people what they wanted when they wanted it, and doing so with a smile. Working at the Round Table since her early twenties (when she first became pregnant) had provided her with a modest income and also a stable destination.

And in some ways it was also like a community, which was especially meaningful to her as a solo parent with children by three different (and absent) fathers. Sally figured she would have learned her lesson after the first time around, but life is more complicated than that, and we all do what we need to do to get by. And that was all Sally ever wanted for herself and her children: to survive. Any notions of doing something special, or of her being some sort of working-class heroine, weren’t even on the table for her. Continue Reading

Places where one lingers indefinitely, stretched beyond recognition, indelibly impermanent, an eternal demise.

black holeThis is where the journey begins, at the end. The only thing left to discover is the precise time of dismissal/arrival.

Forever looking back upon what was and from whence we came, while plunging headlong toward what will be…

Welcome to speculative interventions from the edge of the many event horizons populating inner and outer space.

Lemar Starland, Terra

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