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A young couple enters an office and takes seats on one side of a large sleek desk. Behind the desk, a small bank of screens displays a variety of incomprehensible images, codes, graphics, and icons. Lights from behind the couple sprhmnflash in rotating patterns of red, yellow, and green. The effect is disorienting, yet serves to indicate the inner workings of a busy laboratory environment. A smartly dressed middle-aged woman enters and sits on the other side of the desk from the couple. The lights in the room brighten.

“Welcome to Bioessentials Integrated,” she cheerily begins. “It’s a pleasure to assist with your introductory screening session. But before we begin the formal process, do you have any questions for me?”

“Well, I, um,” stammers the man, glancing at his wife, “I mean we, have heard a lot about BI and we’re basically familiar with how it works, I guess. Neither of us is a scientist, of course, but, you know, well—could you just walk my wife through how this all works one time? I mean, it does work, right?” Continue Reading